Garlic cheesy bread
Create 2 squares of pizza dough (your choice) and whichever size you prefer. Mine was about 12 inches in length.

Place a few lines of olive oil and spread evenly on one square. We used a minced/garlic paste to spread across the oil. (not too much or it will be too garlicy!)

Layer with mozzarella/cheddar cheese! :D (make sure the cheese doesn't reach the edges so that you have room to create crust!)

Place the other square on top and pinch the sides together (like a pie). I created my braided crust using the technique we use for our pizzas at the restaurant.

Add a couple more drops of olive oil to the top and sprinkle a mix of oregano/basil on top for flavor!

MAKE SURE YOU CREATE SOME AIR HOLES (like the slits in my picture)


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